antico-ristoro-cambi Tuscan Cuisine In the heart of Florence, in the San Frediano district, come and eat at the Antico Ristoro di Cambi ... An ancient Osteria Atmosfera unica Spectacular staff Let yourself be bewitched by our kindness and hospitality Near the Arno A typical Tuscan restaurant, unforgettable,
under seventeenth-century vaults ...

La Repubblica: “Eat and Drink” by Gianni and Paola Mura

The cuisine is obviously typical Tuscan home cooking. You can enjoy excellent appetizers of cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by delicious pickles; among the first courses the lion’s share is certainly the ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, tagliatelle with wild boar and penne with courgette flowers.
Tripe and lampredotto offal, always present in the menu that is compiled daily, remind us that we are in San Frediano, the heart of old Florence.
The fried brain, the chicken with fried seasonal vegetables and the exceptional Florentine steak, one of the best in the city for its taste and quality, make this restaurant a must for gourmets and gourmets.
Among the desserts stand out the apple puff pastry with hot cream, tiramisu and chocolate cake.

The Antico Ristoro was founded in 1950 when Silvano and Bruno opened the Fiaschetteria Cambi in the San Frediano district, a shop where they served wine, cold cuts, sandwiches, anchovies, tuna and pickles. The customers of the time, in addition to the inhabitants of the neighborhood, included the Arno rowers who during their work break refreshed themselves with a sandwich and a good glass of wine. Hence the name of Fiaschetteria, which only later became Antico Ristoro di’ Cambi. Silvano and Bruno have managed to transmit the passion and love for this profession to their children, Fabio and Stefano, who over the years have been able to keep their professional and human values ​​intact, including through various transformations to expand the venue. We can well say that this trattoria keeps alive its tradition of typical Tuscan cuisine where professionalism and friendliness of the service ensure that the traveling customer is fully integrated into a welcoming environment, feeling at home.

Una gustosissima conferma

la Fiorentina cotta alla perfezione e di altissima qualità


Tradizione e qualità

Al locale tipico e tradizionalista non si sbaglia un colpo Ottimo vino formaggi e ovviamente Fiorentina


Molto molto buono !!!

Il menu… meraviglioso, i tempi di attesa corretti. Tutto molto bene. Costi corretti… anche se poi prendi la “Fiorentina” …e sballa tutto.


Ottima serata con amici

Volevo fare i complimenti a tutto lo staff, super disponibili, ambiente bellissimo e cantina notevole…ottimo rapporto qualità e prezzo ……….. Grazie

Castellani G,

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